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Artisanal Foods
Peruvian Mountain Salt

We focus on farms in the "ceja de selva" (eyebrow of the jungle) zone of Peru. This diverse landscape lies east of the Andean Mountains at elevations between 500-2500 meters (1600-8000 feet) and descends into the Amazon Jungle basin. The shade-grown washed arabica coffee beans and heirloom cacao varieties that grow abundantly throughout the region comprise the mainstay of our selections. Farmers interplant species to create diverse "food forests" with crops such as coffee, cacao, banana, mango, avocado, citrus fruits, papaya, yuca, ginger, turmeric and many more growing on the same parcel of land. These remote valleys are far from any industrial or manmade contamination. Fed by rainwater and crystalline mountain streams, they have always been cultivated naturally without the use of chemicals or genetically modified seeds.


Our Products
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