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Bringing the pure flavors of Peru to the world.

Campesino Mateo brings the flavors of the Peruvian Andean Mountains and Amazon Jungle directly to artisan producers and consumers. We live and work with farmers, forming partnerships
to offer the highest quality goods to our clients. 


Valley of Ocobamba
Drying Cacao Beans
Salt Evaporation Pools
Santa Teresa
Roasted and Pealed Cacao

Campesino Mateo - partnering with family farmers

in the Andes and Amazon Jungle, promoting 

environmental stewardship, introducing authentic flavor experiences to the North American market.

Shade-grown washed arabica coffee beans,

heirloom cacao beans, dried turmeric, ginger, 
"Maras" mountain salt, superfoods,

and other artisanaly made products.

Harvested by hand, wildcrafted, tended naturally.

The mountainous terrain of Peru's remote valleys creates a range of distinct microclimates where farmers tend diverse "food forests" mimicking the natural form of the Amazon Jungle that lies below.

Coffee roasters large and small, chocolatiers, innovative chefs, producers of packaged foods.  

Home roasters, cacao lovers, food enthusiasts.



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